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Good luck letting this sleeping dragon lie, especially if you plan on using his box to store some of your nice little trinkets. Even still, there is not a better to place to store your stuff than in the Dragon Box. This sleek and cool fantasy box is a great place to store all your small trinkets and items, and it is also perfectly sized to hold cards of various types, including tarot cards. This clever little trinket box looks like a miniature stone tomb, although it is not really made from carved stone. It is made from cold cast resin that has been meticulously hand-painted to give the appearance of an old stone fixture. The sides are decorated with a number of robed skeletal figures, while the whole box has the appearance of being weathered and old. Brown vines grow across the surface, sprouting green leaves, among weathered cracks. And on top of the faux stone tomb is a marvelous and grand dragon statue, curled up into a little ball as it sleeps. And really, what better guardian could you ask for? If you need a place to store your little valuables or your tarot cards, then consider using the Dragon Box.

Key Features:

  • Functional Small Storage Box
  • Incredibly Detailed
  • Great Fantasy-Themed Appearance
  • Looks like Stone
  • Made from Hand-Painted Cold Cast Resin


  • Height: 5 Inches
  • Width: 7 Inches


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