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What appears to be an amazingly detailed yet harmless looking scroll case is actually so much more. Far from just your mundane decoration, the Double Dragon Knives are a cleverly concealed pair of impressive and decorative combat knives! Like a traditional scroll case, this impressive weapon features a long, cylindrical sheath that is heavily ornamented with impressive and artistic patterns, including knotted designs, dragon figures, and even an oriental-looking face at the center of the scroll case sheath. A trio of legs extends out from either side of the case, which allows it to stand on its own. Extending from either side of the case are the hilts of the knives, which feature equally impressive adornments. The hilt possesses matching artistic design, as well as ribbed grips and smiling dragon-head pommels. When drawn, the blades reveal their own attractive look, featuring a long, clip-point style blade that has been laser-etched to feature an amazing Damascus pattern. A long cut-out has also been removed from the spine of the blade. When sheathed, the weapon has an overall length of 20 inches. All you need is a flat surface of appropriate length, and you will be able to display these Double Dragon Knives with remarkable ease and even better, with their striking appearance, they will be an eye-catching part of your decor that is bound to catch the interest of all who see them.

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • A Pair of Ornate Dragon Daggers
  • Possesses Two Stainless Steel Laser Etched Damascus Blades
  • Scroll Case Sheath Possesses Incredible Artistic Decorations
  • Sheath Stands on its Own
  • A Fantastic Costume Weapon or Fantasy Decoration
  • Superb As a Collectible or a Gift Idea


  • Overall Length: 20 Inches


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