Dark Marquess Underbust Corset


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Any woman with a noble title should always look her best, and in the Dark Marquess Underbust Corset, you will be hard-pressed to do anything but. This elegant, attractive corset is a touch of lovely detail that enhances almost any look. Similar in style to the original Marquess Underbust Corset, this accent features a matched look and style, being made from rich, darkly colored green cotton velvet. Black lace trims the edge, while the twill lining keeps the corset as comfortable to wear as it is lovely to look at. Truly striking in its appearance, this Dark Marquess Underbust Corset is a lovely accent to own, as well as one that will work wonders when it comes to enhancing your allure and appeal.

Key Features:

  • Made From Dark Green Cotton Velvet Fabric
  • Features Beautiful Black Lace Decoration on Top and Bottom
  • Back Fastens with Eyelets and Drawstring
  • Possesses a Twill Lining for Comfort
  • Complements Steampunk and Victorian Looks Nicely

WaistFront LengthBack Length
20 Inch20 inches9.5 inches9.5 inches
22 Inch22 inches9.5 inches9.5 inches
24 Inch24 inches9.5 inches9.5 inches
26 Inch26 inches9.5 inches9.5 inches
28 Inch28 inches9.5 inches9.5 inches
30 Inch30 inches9.5 inches9.5 inches
32 Inch32 inches9.5 inches9.5 inches
34 Inch34 inches9.5 inches9.5 inches
36 Inch36 inches9.5 inches9.5 inches


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