Folded Steel Hatchet


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The ideal weapon for a variety of purposes, hatchets are also one of the most menacing weapons you could own. This Folded Steel Hatchet adds an eye-catching design to this sinister blade for a weapon that is truly quite impressive. The blade of this hatchet is made from carbon steel in the Damascus steel style. Great for hacking and cleaving jobs, this hatchet features a long, curved blade with a spike on the top. The handle of this hatchet is made from smooth rosewood, and it features brass pins and metal accents. Included with the hatchet is a stitched leather scabbard, keeping the head of the weapon protected from scratches between uses. No collection of weapons is complete without a hatchet, so implement a weapon that is both baleful and beautiful to your arsenal with this Folded Steel Hatchet!

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Crafted from carbon steel
  • Features a curved, Damascus style blade
  • Smooth rosewood handle features brass and metal accents
  • Includes a stitched leather scabbard
  • Great for personal use or for gifting


  • Overall Length: 16.5 Inches


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