Crusader War Horse Figurine


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The medieval battlefield featured more than just knights. It included horses too, like the one in the Crusader War Horse Figurine. Made from polyresin, this figurine has a design from artist Christopher Paskert. Inspired by the extinct War Horse breed, this figurine depicts a grey horse kitted out in a medieval battle ensemble. It has a white decorated head piece that protects the horses head and gives it the look of a unicorn. Black cord reins attach to the head piece. A red and white cover piece covers the horses back in addition to an off-white saddle.

The horse has its front left hoof raised. A sword, spear, arrows, and a shield litter the ground near the horses hooves. The shield is the same red and white of its back cover. The horse stands on a rectangular platform. This platform looks like a piece of dirt and grass-covered ground. On the side, the platform looks like stone with a silver-colored brass plaque in the center that reads Crusader. Finally, this statue comes with a collector card and a decorative gift box. The Crusader War Horse Figurine makes a great addition to any medieval-themed home decor or Crusader collection.

Key Features:

  • Designed by Christopher Paskert
  • Richly colored
  • Highly detailed
  • Comes with a collector card and gift box
  • Great for medieval-themed decors


  • Made from polyresin
  • Plaque is brass


  • Height: 7.8 Inches
  • Width: 2.8 Inches
  • Length: 7.5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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