Classic Renaissance Doublet



Every reenactor should have access to a doublet of some kind, especially since they were a common garment of the medieval and Renaissance era. This Classic Renaissance Doublet is not only affordable, but handsome and versatile. This doublet is minimalistic in its design, although that hardly detracts from its appearance, especially since it is so obviously made from fine materials. Indeed, the doublet is crafted from fine velvet fabric, which makes it soft to touch and stunning to look at, as well as extremely comfortable to wear. The doublet has partial sleeves and a plain, round neckline with no collar. The front has a lace-up closure, and its long length extends just past the waist. The doublet is offered in three different colors, as well as in three different sizes. Peasants and princes alike both favored the doublet throughout the year, as much for warmth as for fancy dress, and now, it is a choice you replicate in your own reenactment attire, by adding this Classic Renaissance Doublet to your wardrobe, to be worn as often as you like.

Key Features:

  • A Doublet Made from Cotton Velvet Fabric
  • Possesses a Laced-Up Front Closure
  • A Handsome Yet Minimalistic Design
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs and Costumes of All Styles

Chest Waist Overall Length
Small/Medium 40 inches 40 inches 29.75 inches
Large/X-Large 46 inches 43 inches 30.5 inches
XX-Large 50 inches 46 inches 31.25 inches


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