Clasped Leather Steampunk Corset


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Swiveling clasps and leather come together in this accent, creating an accessory that is perfect for adding that touch of esoteric in the modern day, but also to make this Clasped Leather Steampunk Corset a must-have for its genre too. This underbust style corset is made entirely in medium-weight leather right here in our shop, making it hand-crafted here in the USA. Its overall design features a smooth texture finish offered in black, brown, or antique brass, while the star attraction is the row of swiveling clasps that keep the corset closed in the front. Definitive and distinctive, this Clasped Leather Steampunk Corset is a killer way to add something elegant to your steampunk look, as well as a way to infuse some sci-fi fantasy to your modern-day ensembles too!

Key Features:

  • Made from a medium weight leather
  • Hand-crafted right here in our shop, in the USA
  • An underbust style corset
  • Secured with 5 swiveling clasps in the front
  • Designed with a sleek, smooth finish in three great colors
  • Great for Steampunk and modern-day looks and attires

WaistFront LengthBack Length
22 Inch22 inches11 inches12 inches
24 Inch24 inches11 inches12 inches
26 Inch26 inches11 inches12 inches
28 Inch28 inches11 inches12 inches
30 Inch30 inches11 inches12 inches
32 Inch32 inches11 inches12 inches
34 Inch34 inches11 inches12 inches
36 Inch36 inches11 inches12 inches


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