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Mounted warriors have always ruled the battlefield, and this was no different during the Civil War. The Civil War Cavalry Insignia is based on the US Cavalry official emblem and identified a soldier as a cavalry member. The insignia itself is fairly simple, consisting of a pair of cavalry sabers that are crossed at the sheaths, with the hilts facing down. The emblem is crafted entirely from metal and features a simple yet attractive brass finish, which ensures that the insignia is quite attractive when viewed in the light. Please note that this insignia is not a clip or a pin, so it must be sewn onto any garments that you wish to feature it on. Even on its own, this Civil War Cavalry Insignia is quite the impressive little collectible that is perfect for enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy, so pick one up today if you are a Civil War historian, or give one as a gift if you know someone who love the era.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Metal
  • Features a Polished Brass Finish
  • Modeled After US Army Cavalry Insignia
  • Great for Union and Confederate Looks
  • A Great Collectible or Gift Idea


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