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Wine is not the only beverage that should be imbibed in fine style. With this Chinese Dragon Wine Glass, you can drink any of your favorite beverages from an impressive cup that really shows off its own incredible level of style and appeal. This piece of drinkware takes the form of a traditional wine glass. It is crafted from beautiful black glass, giving it a delightfully dark look, while also featuring a pewter decoration emblazoned on the side that gives it a unique form of character. The pewter decoration on this glass depicts a serpentine dragon, echoing the look of the oriental dragons that typically hail from China and Japan. The glass is perfectly safe for use, making it a choice cup to use at banquets, when you, as the host, want to stand out in your own way. It also makes for a great display piece to have in your kitchen, wine cellar, or even in your dining room! The cup stands approximately 9.25 inches tall. You can drink, be in good health, and show off your own impressive style and character, all that the same time, when you own this Chinese Dragon Wine Glass. You have to do is fill it up and enjoy your beverage, and let others do the admiring.

Key Features:

  • A Classic Example of Fine Stemware
  • A Fully Functional Wine Glass
  • A Perfect Piece of Personal Drinkware
  • Has An Impressive and Fantasy-Styled Look


  • Made from Fine Glass
  • Decorated with a Pewter Emblem


  • Height: 9.25 Inches


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