Childrens Woodland Warrior Armour Belt



A tree that is unbending is easily broken. Develop your roots with a stable center of gravity and relaxed muscles. Your child may be inspired by the trees around them when they wear this Childrens Woodland Warrior Armour Belt. Hand crafted in our shop from 7/8 ounce leather, this childs armour is finished with antique brass hardware. The brown leather has been engraved with a woodgrain design and molded with shaped edges to resemble curling bark. This leather belt may be worn by itself or paired with the Childrens Woodland Warrior Body Armour (DK4003), sold separately. Worn together, the belt will extend the torso protection another 2 to 4 inches, depending on the height of the child. Alternately, the engraved belt can be worn as a wide belt or a waist cincher with various styles of medieval clothing. Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow, and with this Childrens Woodland Warrior Armour Belt, your child may develop into a true hero!

Key Features:

  • Hand crafted in the USA, here in our shop
  • Made from high quality 7/8 ounce vegetable tanned leather
  • Durably constructed with antique brass hardware
  • Displays woodgrain engraving and molded details
  • Secures with adjustable lacing in the back
  • Can be worn with armour or medieval clothing
  • Looks great with LARP, Fantasy, and Medieval styles


  • Medium: Fits a 25 inch to 28 inch waist
  • Large: Fits a 31 inch to 34 inch waist


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