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Presenting the Blackened Champion Steel Cuirass – striking armour designed for the hero within you, whether you are charging into a fierce LARP battle or showcasing your prowess in the cosplay arena. This formidable cuirass is not just armor; it is a statement of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal, tailored for the knights and mercenaries of the modern age.

Each Blackened Champion Steel Cuirass is handmade from 18-19 gauge mild steel, ensuring both protection and mobility. The choice of mild steel combines resilience with pliability, making it perfect for withstanding the rigors of combat while accommodating swift and fluid motions.

Designed for Durability and Comfort

Understanding the demands of extended wear, this cuirass boasts an anti-rust finish on the inside, helping to safeguard the fantasy armour against the corrosive effects of sweat and moisture for longevity. Its strategic assembly with straps at the shoulders and sides promises a secure and customizable fit, for comfort and effectiveness in battle.

The Blackened Champion Steel Cuirass does not just offer protection; it is a marvel of medieval aesthetics. The blackened finish gives it an imposing presence, evoking the aura of battle-hardened warriors.

Angled fluted detailing not only adds to its visual appeal but also enhances its structural integrity, deflecting blows and distributing force. The cuirass design is punctuated with ridges forming a border around the edges, and rivets that securely attach the tasset straps.

Versatility in Form and Function

Whether you are leading the vanguard at a LARP event or captivating an audience at a cosplay gathering, the Blackened Champion Steel Cuirass stands out. Its inclusion of two thigh tassets and a smaller center tasset—each hanging gracefully from straps—adds both protection and regal flair to your ensemble. Available in three sizes, it promises a perfect fit for warriors of various statures.

The Blackened Champion Steel Cuirass is more than just armor—it is a keeper of stories, a bearer of battles yet to be fought, and a companion in your quests across mystical lands and fantastical realms. Whether donned by knight or mercenary, it carries with it an air of mystique and a promise of adventures to come.

Step into the role you were born to play with the Blackened Champion Steel Cuirass, where historys legacy meets the durability and aesthetic demands of todays warrior. Prepare to turn heads, win battles, and write your own legend.

Key Features:

  • Durability and Comfort: Features an anti-rust finish on the inside to combat moisture and sweat, along with adjustable straps for a tailored, comfortable fit.
  • Medieval Aesthetics: The blackened finish and angled fluted detailing not only enhance the armors resistance but also contribute to its imposing look, reminiscent of legendary warriors.
  • Versatility: Comes with two thigh tassets and a central tasset for additional protection, making it ideal for various roles in LARP and cosplay events.
  • Sizing Options: Available in three sizes to accommodate warriors of different builds.
  • Handmade Craftsmanship: Each cuirass is crafted with precision from 18-19 gauge mild steel, offering a balance between durability and flexibility.


  • Made from 18-19-gauge mild steel
  • Straps are leather

Care Instructions:


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