Celtic Dragon Knot Necklace


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The Celtic Dragon Knot Necklace is an incredible item that features a stunning Celtic knot. This knot is composed of a pair of simple, highly stylized dragons, which twist and turn around each other to form a visually complex design. The two dragons depicted in this pendant form a single rising column that features two bodies with smaller segments, all of which offer subtle twists and turns that wrap around one another. The two dragons bodies eventually fork away from one another, so that their faces are turned away from the other. A small ring connects the two in the middle as the anchor for the necklace chain, which is strung through a bail. The pendant is made from a lead free alloy, which gives the pendant an attractive cast metal appearance. The pendant also includes an attractive silver chain for wearing. Simple in shape but intricate in design, the Celtic Dragon Knot Necklace is an attractive choice of personal accessory that can be worn on a daily basis to add a touch of Celtic style and fantasy to any look for any occasion.

Key Features:

  • Pendant depicts stylized dragons intertwined
  • Beautiful yet subtle display of Celtic style
  • Features a silvery cast metal appearance
  • Includes matching chain for easy wear
  • Unique personal accessory or thoughtful gift


  • Made from lead free metal alloy


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