Captain Of The Skies Overbust Corset



There is a certain freedom that can be found on the seas, but the ultimate adventure remains the sky. And in your Captain of the Skies Overbust Corset, you will look ready to command your crew to greatness as you sail unhindered across the sky. This simple yet attractive corset is made from suede fabric and comes in a faded brown color. The corset also features attractive black faux leather straps, which give it a fairly authoritative look that is hard to say no to. The front is zippered, while the back features a drawstring with eyelets in order to ensure a comfortable fit. The interior of the corset is lined with black twill to make the corset more comfortable when worn. Simple and straightforward, the Captain of the Skies Overbust Corset is everything a sky-captain could ask for in a garment, helping to preserve the image of a tough girl who none-the-less is concerned with looking as beautiful as she is strong.

Key Features:

  • Features Faux Black Leather Shoulder Straps
  • Back Fastens with Eyelets and Drawstring
  • Possesses a Twill Lining for Comfort
  • Complements Steampunk and Victorian Looks Nicely


  • Made from faux suede


  • For the ideal Corset Fit, Round your Waist Size up to the Nearest Even Number and Subtract 2 Inches


  • Front Length: 13 Inches
  • Back Length: 13 Inches


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