Bronze Head Celtic Dagger


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A personal weapon should be unique and distinctive, and few can offer such a trait as well as this Bronze Head Celtic Dagger. The unique appeal derives entirely from the hilt, which, cast in bronze, is shaped like a man, complete with a head pommel. This distinctive dagger also features a fine steel blade, which possesses a gentle curve to the edge, while still offering a fine point at the tip. This results in the dagger looking decorative, while its blade looks more like an equally effective cut and thrust weapon. The hilt, again cast in polished bronze, has the shape of a little man, with his legs serving as the guard, his ribbed body acting as the grip, while his out-spread arms and head acting as the pommel. The dagger includes a brown leather sheath, for easy storage and carrying. Looking very much like a dagger out of the gladiator arenas, this Bronze Head Celtic Dagger serves well as a unique costume weapon, as well as a great display piece that is certain to awe all those who see it.

Key Features:

  • A Uniquely Styled Decorative Dagger
  • Curved Edges Meet As an Effective Point
  • Polished Bronze Hilt is Shaped Like a Little Man
  • A Great Collectible, Display Weapon, or Costume Dagger


  • Features a Blade of Fine Steel
  • Includes a Brown Leather Sheath


  • Overall Length: 20.25 Inches
  • Blade Length: 15 Inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound 14.8 Ounces


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