Blackened Military Hunter Knife


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Soldiers have long relied on rugged and harsh blades to see them through the worst of situations, and now, you can take a page from their book by equipping yourself with this utterly straight-forward yet effective Blackened Military Hunter Knife. The knife is made entirely from fine steel and has a full-length tang, which only enhances its impressive power. The blackened steel blade features a wing-tip guard and a clipped point blade, which provides both a curved edge for effective cutting and a fine point that can be precisely controlled for piercing, picking, and carving. Fine serrations are integrated into the back of the blade as well, so it can be used as a small saw in a pinch. The full-length tang is wrapped in green paracord for a comfortable grip. A small green lanyard knot is looped around a hole in the pommel. Included with the knife is a matching green sheath. Made for effectiveness first and foremost, this Blackened Military Hunter Knife is just the blade to bring along, whether you are camping, surviving, or on the run.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Features a versatile drop point blade
  • Back of blade has small serrations
  • Blackened for a tactical effect
  • Handle is wrapped in green paracord
  • Includes matching green sheath
  • Great for camping, survival, and more


  • Blade is made of steel


  • Overall Length: 11 Inches


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