Black Sparring Bastard Sword


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The Black Sparring Bastard Sword is made using an extended pommel, giving its wielder extra room for one or two hands. For this reason, this sword is sparring enthusiasts of practically all ages as a longsword training weapon. Crafted from a unique blend of high impact polymer, this sword is both strong and flexible as all sparring swords should be. The ball shaped quillons not only add an authentic touch, as bastard swords gained popularity in medieval times, but also protection for your hands. This allover black sword looks great as it is, and it can be switched out with any of the guards and pommels in our sparring line as well! This Black Sparring Bastard Sword gives you the feel of a real sword in your hand with the safety and versatility of a sparring sword.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from high impact polymer
  • Ideal for practice in Western martial arts
  • Ball shaped quillons and long pommel add protection and utility
  • Guard and pommel can be switched out
  • Great for practice, reenactment, or theatrical use
  • Perfect for both novice and advanced sparring

Overall Length Blade Length Handle Length Weight
One Size 44.5 inches 34 inches 9.5 inches 1 lb 9 oz


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