Black Single Hand Sword Guard


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Single Hand Sword Bag

When practicing the art of the sword, you have a lot of gear to keep track of and carry. Put your one-handed sword into the Single Hand Sword Bag. This large bag can hold both a sword and some gear for storage or competitions.

This simple synthetic sword guard has been designed with safety, durability, and aesthetics in mind, using an original 15th century guard as a reference. This Black Single Hand Guard is compatible with any of our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Swords. This guard is made from a high-impact polymer that balances several key factors, including things like resistance and flexibility, as well as strength when flexed. The center is hollow and shaped to accommodate the tang and base of the single hand sword blade. The guard features ball-ended quillons that provide for safe body contact with minimal risk. This Black Single Hand Guard is appropriate for theatrical, mock battles and low-impact sparring.

Key Features:

  • Made Using a High-Impact Polymer
  • Compatible with our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Sword Line
  • Ball Quillons Ensure No Pointed or Unsafe Edges
  • Very Strong and Flexible
  • Suitable for Theatrical Performances, Mock Battles, and Low-Impact Sparring


  • Overall Length: 8 Inches
  • Overall Weight: 1.13 oz.


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