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Magic and mysticism are commonplace in fantasy, and it is usually the wizened elders who wield it with the greatest skill. And in this Black Robed Wizard Statue, anyone can witness a master of the arcane arts, as he works a spell over a crystal ball. Garbed in his dark, voluminous robes, this wizard resembles the traditional medieval master of magic, and his flowing cloak, accented with blue decorations and lunar sigils, only enhances that look. The wizard holds a mystic staff in one hand and wears a tall, pointed hat atop his head. Grey hair and a matching beard frame the wizards aged face, while one hand is held up in a grand gesture, as though he might be completing a spell on the crystal ball, held securely in-hand. The statue is crafted entirely in hand-painted cold cast resin, which gives it not only an impressive level of detail, but also stunning coloration, as well. What fan of fantasy does not want to have a bit of magic in their decor? And perhaps, with time, this Black Robed Wizard Statue might help to revive that lost art, all while inspiring some fantasy style in your decor.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Fine Cold Cast Resin
  • Vivid and Colorfully Hand Painted Finish
  • Depicts a Medieval Wizard in Dark Robes
  • Features a Vivid Level of Detail
  • An Absolutely Stunning Display Piece
  • Fantastic for Home Decor or Gifting


  • Height: 7.5 Inches


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