Black Ninja Bokken


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Contrary to popular belief, ninja are not born deadly. Years of training and effort, along with the singular drive to complete any given task, are what make a ninja deadly. Years are spent practicing with mock weapons, just like this Black Ninja Bokken. Of course, the samurai are famous for their katana, whose skills are honed over a lifetime of war and practice with both the real thing and the bokken, and for a ninja to even begin to try and compete, they must devote the same-such dedication to themselves and their own mastery of the sword. Thus, they develop and practice with their own bokken. Shorter than a typical bokken styled after a katana, this bokken familiarizes a warrior with the smaller blade. Just as samurai were born noble but forged to greatness through training and war, the ninja made their own place in history through effort, skill, and countless years of practice with weapons like the Black Ninja Bokken. This sword works well for light training and practice.

Key Features:

  • All Wood Construction
  • Great for Light Training
  • Modeled after a Ninja weapon


  • Overall Height: 34 Inches


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