Black Dynasty Chainmail Haubergeon – 10mm Round Rings


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Transport yourself to the heart of battle with the Black Dynasty Chainmail Haubergeon in 10mm Round Rings. This armour, designed for the modern warrior, embodies both authenticity and functionality. Perfect for reenactors, LARP enthusiasts, and cosplayers, this chainmail haubergeon is a tribute to the valor that once dominated medieval battlegrounds.

Crafted with attention to detail, each haubergeon features short, half-length sleeves offering both protection and ample mobility for the arms—a crucial factor during intense skirmishes. The garb extends past the hips, providing an excellent blend of coverage and freedom of movement, ensuring you stay agile and defended.

The heart of the Black Dynastys allure lies in its construction; 10 mm round rings, woven in a timeless 4-in-1 pattern, speak volumes of the chainmails robustness and authenticity. This pattern consists of four rings woven through one ring. These 16-gauge mild steel rings are butted tightly, a testament to the armors durability and resilience on the battlefield. The burnished finish lends the rings an unrivaled toughness, ready to withstand the tests of combat and the ravages of time.

An Aesthetic of Dominance

Not just a piece of protective wear, the Black Dynasty Chainmail Haubergeon exudes an aesthetic of pure dominance, thanks to its imposing black finish. This striking coloration not only sets you apart from the ranks but also adds a layer of corrosion resistance. The rounded neck adds a touch of elegance to the formidable appearance, ensuring that you look as imposing as the warriors of old.

Understanding the importance of a perfect fit in the heat of battle, the Black Dynasty Chainmail Haubergeon is available in three sizes. This variety ensures that warriors of different builds can don their armor with comfort, pride, and readiness, making no compromise on mobility or protection.

The Armor of Choice

Whether you are storming the forts at a reenactment, commanding troops in a LARP engagement, or bringing to life a character from a distant, war-torn realm in cosplay, the Black Dynasty Chainmail Haubergeon stands as your armor of choice. Not just a piece of equipment, it is a symbol of your dedication to the craft and a testament to your indomitable spirit.

Don this chainmail and reign supreme, for in the world of historical reenactment, LARPing, and cosplay, the Black Dynasty Chainmail Haubergeon is not just armor; it is a declaration of your prowess, a safeguard of your dreams, and a companion in your conquests.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Design: Inspired by medieval armor, featuring half-length sleeves and extending past the hips for optimal protection and mobility.
  • 10mm Round Rings: Constructed with 16-gauge mild steel in a 4-in-1 pattern, ensuring strength and durability.
  • Variety of Sizes: Available in three sizes to accommodate warriors of different builds, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Versatility: Ideal for reenactments, LARP, and cosplay, embodying both authenticity and functionality.
  • Elegant Black Finish: Not only offers a distinctive look but also adds corrosion resistance to the armor.


  • Made from 16-gauge mild steel

Care Instructions:

This chest measurement is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest CircumferenceRing Diameter
Small/Medium40.9-42.9 inches10 millimeters
Large/X-Large43.3-49.2 inches10 millimeters
XX-Large/XXX-Large49.6-55.1 inches10 millimeters


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