Bellows Face Sallet Helmet


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When you head into battle as a medieval knight, make sure that you protect your head from the enemy. Don the Bellows Face Sallet Helmet. Made from 14-gauge steel, this medieval helmet comes in a size large. Based on a transitional piece from the late 15th century, it has a typical sallet shape with an extended back. There is a central ridge down its center.

In front, there is a movable visor. This visor has a bellows design with ventilation holes. Above the visor is a small space for the wearer to see out of. The helmet has an extra piece of metal above this point. It has concave curves along the top.

On the inside, the helmet has a chinstrap and adjustable liner. This helmet is ideal with a bevor. You can wear this sallet helmet to your next historical reenactment or Ren faire.

Key Features:

  • Includes Liner And Chin Straps
  • Authentic Sallet Helmet
  • Moveable Visor
  • Great Medieval Helm


  • Made from 14-Gauge Steel

Head CircumferenceOverall HeightSteel ThicknessWeight
LargeUp to 26 inches10.5 inches14 Gauge9.56 lbs


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