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Combining the dark, sinister beauty of an eternally gothic bat with the incredibly useful and classic sand timer, the Bat Sand Timer is a fantastic little item that can be used as either a stylish gothic decoration or a useful little time keeper. This sand timer is made predominantly from cold cast resin that has been hand painted to hold the appearance of dark, carved gothic stone. Four bats make up the supports that hold the sand timer up, surrounding the translucent apparatus which holds the grains of sand which, when turned upside down, measure out approximately 4 minutes. The upper and lower caps of the sand timer are decorated with hooded skulls and small gothic arches, as well as featuring a single bat on both the top and bottom. This sand timer measures 3.75 inches in length and width, and it stands approximately 5.75 inches tall. This gothic interpretation of a classic time piece makes for a great decoration or a useful timer, so if you find yourself in need of a sand timer that does not clash with your gothic decor, consider the Bat Sand Timer.

Key Features:

  • Made from Hand Painted Cold Cast Resin
  • Classic Time Piece Influenced by Gothic Design
  • Amazingly Detailed Appearance
  • Times Approximately 4 Minutes
  • Great Decor or Gift Item


  • Length: 3.75 Inches
  • Width: 3.75 Inches
  • Height: 5.75 Inches


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