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Steampunk style is notorious for the placement of cogs, gears, and flywheels not only in its machinery but also in its clothing. If you feel that your Steampunk attire is lacking cogs and gears, you can add more from this Bag of Gears. Each of these gears can be fastened and attached to virtually any garment to increase its level of Steampunk style. Each bag contains a random assortment of gears in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. The gears range in color from polished brass to faded copper to forged iron hues. They come in different styles, including simple toothed gears and ornate looking spinners. Contrary to appearance, each gear is made from plastic. Every bag includes an assortment of 12 individual gears. While diamonds, gems, and precious metals make for rich decoration in the modern world, in a Steampunk world, gears are all the rage, making the Bag of Gears a treasure trove you can use to add Steampunk flair to any look.

Key Features:

  • A Bag Filled with Assorted Gears
  • Contains 12 Randomly Selected Gears
  • Varying Shapes, Sizes, and Colors
  • Great Way to Craft Your Own Clockwork Creations
  • A Great Accent to Steampunk or Pseudo-Victorian Styles


  • Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


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