Articulated Steampunk Skull


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The human skull is a wondrous thing, housing the organ that in turn houses our souls. This curious bone is made only more wondrous when given neo-Victorian modifications, like the one depicted by the Articulated Steampunk Skull. This bronze figurine portrays a mechanized human skull, its brow and sides covered in ornate golden filigree. The top and back of the head are covered in riveted plates and gaskets, and the jaw is attached via gearwork, which actually allows the mandible to be opened and closed. The nasal bone of this skull features a piercing, and its fully colored left eye peers out from behind a magnifying porthole, giving it a whimsically warped appearance. The Articulated Steampunk Skull is a must-have piece of decor for any neo-Victorian home or laboratory.

Key Features:

  • Crafted in whimsical detail
  • Features ornate golden filigree
  • Has an articulated jaw
  • Colored eye is housed behind magnifying porthole
  • Perfect for lovers of steampunk


  • Made from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 6 Inches


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