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Whenever someone speaks of a medieval knight, it typically calls to mind a powerful figure wearing heavy, shining armor of plate metal. And this Armored Knight Mens Costume does not disappoint in its delivery of a classic knight in shining armor. This impressive costume consists of a full suit of costume armor, designed to recreate the traditional look of a fully armored medieval knight. The costume consists of a simple shirt, pants, and hood, designed to be worn as underclothes to make the armor more comfortable when worn. The armor included with the costume consists of chest piece that features a rampant lion adorning the front, as well as shoulder and arm armor for covering up the arms. Leg armor is also included and attaches via straps around the legs. The final touch is, of course, a classic visored knights helmet, which completes the illusion of wearing a full suit of plate metal armor. Please be aware that this is only costume armor and is designed for appearances first and foremost. Also note that this costume does not include the prop sword, although a suitable replacement can be purchased separately. The costume comes in one standard size, which fits up to a 42 inch chest. Your enemies will run in fear when they see you coming in this Armored Knight Mens Costume, if only because nothing is more intimidating than seeing a wall of walking armor coming your way.

Key Features:

  • A Quality Halloween Costume
  • Includes a Helmet, Shoulder Armor, Arm Armor, Leg Armor, Chest Armor, Boot Toppers, Pants, and Shirt
  • Arm Yourself with a Sword Suited to Your Tastes
  • An Impressive Costume for Any Medieval Knight to Wear
  • Great for Halloween, Renaissance Fairs, Costume Parties, Themed Events, and More


  • Garments Made from 100 percent Polyester Fabric
  • Armor Crafted from High-Quality Plastic

Chest CircumferenceCuirass LengthBracers LengthGreaves Length
StandardUp to 42 inches17 inches11.5 inches14 inches


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