Archers Hand Protection

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This Archers Hand Protection is meant to protect the hand that holds the bow. Keep your bow-hand properly shielded from passing arrows and recoiling strings. This leather glove is a must-have for both traditional and LARP archers. Stitching reinforces the structure and follows the edges of the archery glove. The glove slides onto the index finger and thumb. Adjust to your comfort and fit via the Velcro strap found at the wrist. The Archers Hand Protection not only comes in multiple sizes, but with the option for either the left or right hand.

Order according to the hand this item will be worn on. If you order a ‘left’ you will receive a guard that is worn on the left hand.

Key Features:

  • Protects the bow-hand
  • Available in Right or Left hand
  • Stitching reinforces the structure
  • Fastens at the wrist via a Velcro strap
  • Great for use with Traditional Archery or LARP Archery


  • Made from plated chrome-tanned leather
  • Fitted with a Velcro closure


  • Small: Max. Index Finger Circumference: 3 Inches, Max. Thumb Circumference: 3 Inches, Wrist Size: Up to 8 Inches
  • Medium: Max. Index Finger Circumference: 3.25 Inches, Max. Thumb Circumference: 3.25 Inches, Wrist Size: Up to 9 Inches
  • Large: Max. Index Finger Circumference: 3.5 Inches, Max. Thumb Circumference: 3.5 Inches, Wrist Size: Up to 9.5 Inches
  • X-Large: Max. Index Finger Circumference: 3.875 Inches, Max. Thumb Circumference: 3.875 Inches, Wrist Size: Up to 10 Inches

Please be aware that these are hand-made from leather. The size can vary between 1/8th to 1/5th an inch, depending on the leather.


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