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While its name translates literally to dagger, the Arabic Jambia is often a reference to a more specific kind of dagger, one that has personal and ceremonial meaning. This replica recreates the iconic shape of a more common style of Arabic blade. Much of this weapon is distinctive in design, from the broad, curved blade with its fine point and its thick spine to the hourglass shaped handle, down even to the distinctively formed sheath! The knife blade is made entirely from carbon steel, with a swept curve near the tip and a fine, nearly backwards facing point at the tip. The hilt is black and accented with brass fittings. The hardwood scabbard is wrapped in leather, and possesses a unique upturned curve at the tip. Modeled entirely after the traditional Arabic Jambia, this knife is a handsome personal accent and costume blade, as well as a fine collectible that brings some exotic and intriguing style to your selection of weapons.

Historical Info:

The jambia is seen as much a personal weapon as it is a symbol of status. Handles and hilts are often adorned and ornamented, with more valuable hilts demonstrating greater levels of personal wealth and social status. Jambias are also weapons, whose use is highly regulated by societal norms and traditions, all of which help to avoid defamation of both the dagger and its owner. Traditionally, it is accented that for combat, a jambia should only come out of its sheath in extreme moments of conflict. Socially, the jambia is also used in ceremonial dances and events, often found at celebrations for things like marriage.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Traditional Arabic Dagger
  • Has a Black Hilt with Brass Accents
  • Includes a Wooden Scabbard with Leather Wrapping
  • A Stunning Collectible, Display Piece, and Carrying Weapon


  • Features a Hand Crafted High Carbon Steel Blade


  • Overall Length: 13 Inches
  • Blade Length: 8.6 Inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound 0.5 Ounce


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