Antique Velvet Hat



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The Antique Velvet Hat is made out of a remarkable fabric that showcases the soft and smooth texture of velvet without its typical reflective sheen, resulting in a lavish yet refined look fit for a Renaissance or Victorian noblewoman. An ostrich feather and a round rhinestone adorn the top of the puffed cap, and a ribbon detail decorates the edges of its slightly floppy brim. Available in a variety of colors easy to match with a wide range of outfits and styles, this historic reenactment hat is a fantastic way to add detail to any womens period looks.

Key Features:

  • Handmade with attention to detail
  • Ideal for a variety of historic reenactment styles
  • Ribbon detail on brim
  • Available in a variety of neutral colors


  • Made from antique velvet
  • Ostrich feather and amber rhinestone details

Care Instructions:

  • Wash gently with cold water and a gentle cleaning agent, using a half load on a short spin cycle. Water temperature should not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Air dry flat.

Head Circumference
Size 18 18 inches
Size 19 19 inches
Size 20 20 inches
Size 21 21 inches
Size 22 22 inches
Size 23 23 inches
Size 24 24 inches
Size 25 25 inches


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