Ankh of the Dead Silver Necklace


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The Ankh of the Dead Pendant serves as a gothic talisman of eternity for a vampire with its secret life blood blade inside the symbolic scabbard. This Egyptian symbol displays several other hieroglyphs along its stem. The crossbar of the crux ansata features a ribbed appearance and doubles as a crossguard. The necklace chain connects to the ankh pendant just below the crossbar on each side of the piece, leaving the top loop of the ankh above the chain connection. Crafted by hand in the finest English pewter, this gothic pendant possesses a brilliant gleam that makes it a striking gothic accessory to add to any ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from pewter
  • Comes on a nickel-free chain
  • Displays a vampire ankh
  • Goes great with gothic ensembles
  • Makes a fantastic gift or personal accessory


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