Admiral Bartholomew Black Pants


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Whether you are patrolling the airship hangars or perfecting your polo swing, these Admiral Bartholomew Black Pants will ensure you always turn up in style. These trousers are exceptional for Steampunk soirees or an officers ball. The comfort of 100% cotton twill fabric is accentuated in these black steampunk pants that are inspired from Jodhpuri style trouser from India. These trousers display attractive ballooning at the hips and a fitted waist. Worn primarily for horse riding, the generous width in the upper portion allows free movement of the hip and thigh. These pants feature side buckles on the waist so that you can adjust to fit, and also have stylish buttons from calves to the ankle.

Key Features:

  • Displays black jodhpur pants
  • Made from 100% cotton twill fabric
  • Presents fitted waist with buttons and belt loops
  • Includes adjustable side buckles for a perfect fit
  • Offers flared hips and upper legs
  • Button closure along calf
  • Great for Neo-Victorian engagements and Costumed events

Waist Hips Outseam Inseam
Small 28-30 inches 33-35 inches 45 inches 32.25 inches
Medium 32-34 inches 37-39 inches 46.25 inches 33.25 inches
Large 36-38 inches 41-43 inches 47.25 inches 34.75 inches
X-Large 40-42 inches 45-47 inches 46.75 inches 32.25 inches


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