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Even prisons and jails want to have their property returned, especially if that means having inmates returned with them. Luckily, these Adjustable Alcatraz Handcuffs come with a stamped label, so there is no questioning where these cuffs came from. These cuffs are a stunning replica of the old fashioned cuffs that were likely used when Alcatraz was first converted into a military prison in 1868. These manacles are modeled after the typical old fashioned handcuffs, featuring a hardy metal construction and adjustable cuffs, as well as a solid brass tag that features an engraving that labels the cuffs as the property of Alcatraz. Being from Alcatraz, these cuffs are an intrinsic value as a collectible, especially to those who find the history and the memorabilia associated with the prison known as The Rock. In addition to collectability, these Adjustable Alcatraz Handcuffs also make for a great costume piece or decor item that goes a long way towards completing a realistic prisoner look or a delightfully dark dungeon decor.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Quality Metal
  • Very Authentic and Realistic Looking
  • Also Quite Strong
  • Fully Functional
  • Adjustable and Includes a Key for Opening
  • Features a Brass Identification Tag
  • Great for Display, Decoration, or Use in Drama, Stage, and Theater


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