6 Foot Leather Bull Whip


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Made with recreational use in mind, this 6 Foot Leather Bull Whip is a stellar recreation of the same style of leather whips that are often seen in film, fantasy, and fiction, used for daring feats of acrobatics and impressive shows of martial might. This whip is crafted entirely out of black braided leather, and it features a crisscrossed leather handle that is secured with brass tacks to give it a measure of durability. The whip is, as its name implies, approximately 6 feet long, and it features a short red tassel at the end, which makes the whip a bit easier to track with every lash and flick. The tip of the whips handle also features a short loop, which can be wrapped around the wrist to keep the whip securely in hand with every lash and swing. It is light, effective, and fun, and those are the qualities that make this 6 Foot Leather Bull Whip such a great addition to a wide variety of costumes and looks.

Key Features:

  • Features a red tassel at the end of the whip
  • Wrapped grip has plenty of room for holding
  • Easy to carry with attached leather loop
  • Great as dungeon decor or as a costume weapon


  • Made of leather


  • Overall Length: 72 Inches (6 Feet)


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