3-D Steampunk Gear Ornament Set of 6


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If you find yourself in a steampunk setting this holiday season, have no fear, because we carry a delightful Steampunk Ornament Set of 6 that is sure to make your steampunk styled holiday is merry and bright, not to mention jazzy, jolly, and joyful! These ornaments are modeled after the grand gizmos and gadgets that are often found in a steampunk world, as well as the bits and bobbles that often give their greater wholes power and purpose. The ornaments come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, totaling six in all, giving you a delightful selection of gears, cogs, flywheels, and even a delightful little steampunk fly medal to choose from when you are decorating this holiday season! The ornaments are crafted from natural, quality birch wood and are available in one of three colors, those being gold, silver, or dark bronze. Each ornament also has a glittery coat to give it a glitz, which not only simulates the gleam of polished metal but also catches the eye when the ornament twists and twirls on the limb! As implied, they are sold in a set of six, and you get one of each, to decorate with as you desire. Measurements vary from individual ornament to ornament, but in general, they average between 3.25 inches to 4 inches in diameter (or length, when not circular). These ornaments are unique to our shop and are crafted right here in the USA! Please note that the ornaments do not include hanging hooks. Infuse a bit of steampunk style into your holiday season this year by picking up a this delightful Steampunk Ornament Set of 6, and you will not regret how impressive these industrial enhancements improve upon your holiday season.

Key Features:

  • Crafted Right Here in the USA
  • Made from Birch Wood
  • Includes 6 Gear Styled Ornaments
  • Available in Three Glittering Colors
  • Great for the Holiday Season
  • A Fun Gift to Give or a Great Adornment to Decorate With


  • Diameter (Length): Between 3.25 to 4 Inches


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