1st Century Roman Legionary Disc Belt


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This Roman belt is something of an elaborate affair, featuring several unique touches that make it an impressive accent, to be sure. The 1st Century Roman Legionary Disc Belt serves well as an addition to any military based Roman costume or look. This belt is made entirely in high quality natural leather, featuring an old-world style, 1st century buckle to secure its closure. The belt is richly adorned with brass plates that are riveted into the leather, making it look very much like an accent that would have belonged to a Centurion, or at least an important member or leader of a cohort or legion. Attached to the belt are war skirt style tassets, which hang down are decorated with brass enameled rosette discs, as well as matching brass discs at the tasset tips, as well. Attached to the belt is also a pugio holder, which allows the belt to easily support your favorite Roman dagger when you wear it, too. The 1st Century Roman Legionary Disc Belt is a decorative accent, one that well fits the look of a Roman commander, making it the perfect accent to add in to your military look – assuming, of course, that you want to recreate the form of a powerful and influential Roman leader.

Key Features:

  • Belt Includes Pugio Holder and Leather Apron
  • Fastens Using a Buckle Closure
  • A Great Addition to Roman Ensembles And Outfits


  • Handmade from Natural Leather
  • Features Attractive Solid Brass Plate Ornaments

Waist SizeBelt WidthOverall LengthTasset LengthTasset WidthWeight
One Size41-49 inches1.6 inches53.6 inches17.6 inches1.6 inches2 pounds 3.3 ounces


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