19th Century French Percussion Dueling Pistol Pewter


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This handsome French Percussion Dueling Pistol is made of antique finished zinc cast metal and polished European hardwoods. The screw heads are molded into the metal and cannot be removed. This French Percussion Dueling Pistol cannot withstand misuse or excessive dry-firing, cannot be made to fire real ammunition and comes assembled and ready for display in your home or office.

Caplock or Percussion Lock pistols were so called because the lock system causes a percussion cap to be struck by the hammer when the trigger is pulled. Powder inside the cap ignites and this in turn ignites the main powder charge, which propels a lead ball from the barrel. Most (though not all) caplock firearms were loaded from the muzzle of the gun (muzzleloaders). The Caplock was a great improvement over the flintlock as it was less susceptible to weather-related misfires.

Please note that this replica firearm is completely decorative. While it has moving parts, it cannot be made to fire live ammo and should not be excessively dry-fired.

Key Features:

  • For Decorative Purposes Only
  • Non-fireable
  • Functional Lock Mechanism


  • Made from antique finished zinc cast metal
  • Contains polished hardwood


  • Overall Length: 14.5 Inches
  • Barrel Length: 9 Inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound 2 Ounces


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