17th C. German Axe-Pistol


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Warriors and weapon-makers were an inventive sort, always looking to enhance weapon functionality in any way possible. This 17th C. German Axe-Pistol combines the handy hand-axe or boarding axe with a flintlock to make a weapon that looks doubly dangerous! The stock of the pistol serves as the haft of the axe, and the cast-metal axe head reflects a shape made for wide wounds and cutting power. The flintlock features a working mechanism with a shaped trigger and a ring-guard on the lock for easy use. While the pistol has a moving mechanism, the gun cannot be made to fire and is purely decorative. Also, it should not be excessively dry fired. Add in the ornate designs that adorn the haft, and this weapon is easily as handsome as it is intricate. Pirate fans, lovers of history, and weapon enthusiasts all can appreciate the aesthetic of a decorative sidearm like this 17th C. German Pistol-Axe!

Key Features:

  • Decorative firearm replica – cannot be made to fire
  • A recreation of a historical German weapon
  • Fuses a flintlock to a hand axe
  • Made from quality wood and cast zinc metal
  • Has a moving flintlock mechanism and trigger
  • A great display piece


  • Made from wood and a zinc alloy


  • Length: 21 Inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds 14.4 Ounces.


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