15th Century Half Breastplate – Polished


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Armor yourself in history with the Polished 15th Century Half Breastplate. This handcrafted piece is not just a testament to the artistry of ancient armorsmiths but also a fully functional piece of history that brings the past into the present. Forged from robust 16-gauge mild steel, this breastplate is designed to withstand the rigors of reenactment battles, the fantasy of LARP adventures, and the detailed demands of high-quality cosplaying.

The Polished 15th Century Half Breastplate covers the lower half of the chest, from the waist up, offering protection where it counts. The central ridge is not just a striking feature; it is engineered to deflect blows and distribute force, a design principle that saved lives on the battlefield. The pointed top edge is not just for aesthetics—it is fashioned to provide additional coverage while enhancing the wearers majestic silhouette.

Versatile and Adjustable Fit

Understanding the diverse needs of history enthusiasts and reenactors, this half breastplate has been designed with comfort and versatility in mind. Securing the armor in place are two highly adjustable straps located at the back—offering a personalized fit for warriors of different sizes.

These straps connect to riveted leather panels on the sides, ensuring that the armor remains snug and comfortable, allowing for freedom of movement whether you are charging into battle or traversing the realm.

Whether you are portraying a valiant knight or a ruthless mercenary, the Polished 15th Century Half Breastplate elevates your persona with its authentic look and feel. It is not only a piece of protective gear but also a statement piece that symbolizes strength and valor. Its gleaming surface reflects your commitment to detail in reenacting, LARPing, or cosplaying, ensuring you stand out in every event.

A Must-Have for Every Enthusiast

The Polished 15th Century Half Breastplate is more than just armor—it is a bridge to the past, a tool for immersive storytelling, and an essential addition to any historical enthusiasts collection. Make it a centerpiece of your outfit and revel in the authenticity it brings to your historical portrayal.

Arm yourself with the Polished 15th Century Half Breastplate and step into the world of historical reenactment with confidence. Witness how it transforms your presence, elevates your attire, and connects you more deeply with the warrior spirit that courses through the annals of history.

Key Features:

  • Material Excellence: Crafted from high-quality 16-gauge mild steel, ensuring durability and strength suitable for reenactment, LARP, and cosplay.
  • Historical Accuracy: Designed with attention to detail to reflect the authentic look and functionality of a 15th-century warriors breastplate.
  • Defensive Design: Features a central ridge engineered for deflection and a pointed top edge for additional torso coverage, optimizing protection.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Equipped with two adjustable leather straps and riveted panels for a customizable and secure fit, enhancing mobility and comfort.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various historical reenactments, LARPing events, and high-quality cosplaying, making it a versatile piece in any collection.


  • Made from 16-gauge mild steel
  • Straps are leather

Care Instructions:


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