13th Century Medieval Flail


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A unique and devastating weapon used during the medieval period, the flail began as a weapon used by peasants and transformed into one wielded by cavalry. Display a replica of this blunt weapon with the 13th Century Medieval Flail. Exemplifying the design of a flail, this replica features a dangerous spiked ball, which hangs at the end of a thick chain. Both the ball and chain are hand forged from iron, authentically replicating the construction methods used during the medieval era. The chain is attached to an eyelet at the end of the wooden shaft, which complements the construction of the handcrafted iron components. Experience a classic piece of weaponry used in the Middle Ages with the 13th Century Medieval Flail.

Key Features:

  • Decorative medieval flail
  • Handle is handcrafted from wood
  • Ball and chain are hand forged from iron
  • Made in Italy
  • Extraordinary piece of medieval decor
  • Wood grain may vary from model to model


  • Height: 47.25 Inches


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