11th C. Viking Sword



This 11th C. Viking Sword is an almost instantly recognizable style of sword, one that is almost as iconic as the people who made it famous! And in your hands, it will make you feel more like a Viking too, allowing you to channel your inner Norseman. This sword echoes the look and feel of the classic Viking sword, featuring a broad, powerful blade with a one handed grip, matched to a short guard and highly stylized pommel. The blade is made entirely from EN45 carbon spring steel, and it features straight edges and a broad, rounded point. A long, angular fuller runs down the length of the blade as well, helping to lessen its weight without decreasing its strength as a blade. The guard is slightly concave, curling towards the blade, while still possessing the small size commonly seen on most historical Viking blades. The grip is ribbed and wrapped in leather, offering a secure hold, while the ornate pommel adds a bit of flare and appeal to the blade, bringing its look together quite nicely. Included with the sword is a wooden, leather wrapped scabbard. Adding this 11th C. Viking Sword to your arsenal is a great start to any collection of Viking weapons, and in a pinch, it allows you to draw a real Viking sword for your personal use on any given day, too – and really, that is never a bad thing.

This sword comes in two types. The regular version is tempered and hardened and features traditional shaping, making it a great choice for display or carrying to complete your look. The Light Combat version is tempered and hardened with thick edges and a rounded tip, making it suitable for light use in sparring and reenactment.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After a Traditional Viking Sword
  • Features a Hand Crafted EN45 Carbon Spring Steel Blade
  • Offered in a Regular Non-Combative Version and a Light Combat Model
  • Has A Narrow Guard and an Ornate, Lobed Pommel
  • Includes a Wooden, Leather Wrapped Scabbard
  • A Fantastic Costume Sword, Training Weapon, or Display Piece


  • Blade Length: 31 Inches
  • Blade Width (Widest Point): 1.8 Inches
  • Overall Length: 38 Inches


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