Solomon Swords

The Sword of King Solomon pays tribute to this monarch’s great spirituality and wisdom. Solomon was king of Israel from 970 to 931 B.C. King Solomon built the Jerusalem Temple and cultivated the Sciences and Arts. Two women were fighting over a baby and King Solomon, in order to find out which one was the realm other, gave his sword to a soldier and ordered him to spilt the baby in two and to give one half to each of the women. The real mother begged the King not to kill the child and to give him to the other woman. This way, Solomon knew immediately which one was lying, and displayed his great wisdom and fairness. The Solomon sword shows great spirituality and wisdom of a sword enthusiasts collection. Our Solomon swords can be used for display or for battle re-enactments, each reproduction is created to the specifications of the original. The dimensions and weight are accurate on every piece so you get a medieval weapon that is actually balanced and fun to hold instead of just pretty to look at. Medieval times were sometimes brutal, sometimes romantic, but always a source of intrigue. We invite you to share in the experience of an era past with our collection of Solomon swords. All our Solomon Swords are expertly hand-crafted and authentic replicas! You can display them in your office, home or for Medieval Reenactments.


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