Z-Hunter Swords

Stop by Dark Knight Armoury and check out the selection of Z-Hunter swords we offer. There is sure to be something that catches your eye. Many of their zombie-inspired swords feature Japanese inspiration. They often feature designs based on katanas. These swords have traditionally wrapped handles. In addition, they feature the curved blades typical of Japanese swords. Some of these swords have darkened blades, while others have silver-colored blades.

Also, many of the Z-Hunter swords have a printed design. This design commonly features either a skull or bio-hazard symbol. Some of the weapons also include a design that looks like dripping blood. Those designs will often be in either green or red against a dark background. For example, at least one of the zombie swords has a black tsuba with a bright green bio-hazard symbol adorning it. These swords by Z-Hunter make wonderful display pieces. You can easily add them to any apocalyptic-inspired decor. Show them off in your home or office space.


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