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Add House of Warfare Swords to your collection or reenactment arsenal. Shop military swords, training swords, and more historical swords here. House of Warfare offers a fantastic selection of high quality historical gear. This includes collectible swords, training swords, and more. First, you will find collectible military swords and historical weapons for display. Some swords feature beautifully etched blades. Then, wooden swords are great for lightly honing your skills. Whether you are searching for a display sword, reenactment sword, or a training sword, be sure to check out our selection by House of Warfare here.

House of warfare carries swords from different historical eras and cultures. American military swords make beautiful collectible weapons. Wooden gladiator swords are great for practicing, stage prop use, or even remembering a bit of Greek history. So, if you are seeking a new sword to add to your collection, take a look at what these swords have to offer.


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