Sword Accessories

We have a full line sword accessories that consist of sword hangers, sword display stands, sword plaques and sword care products. We have three styles of sword hanger that consist of regular sword hangers, Denix sword hangers and Oriental style sword hangers. Sword hangers are the minimum amount of hardware to hang a sword on the wall. We have three styles of display stands that hold your sword on a rack, on a table, dresser or even on the floor. We have regular sword display stands, Denix sword stand and Oriental style sword stands. Whether you’re looking for a simple traditional style sword plaque or something unique with a fantasy flair, you will find the perfect sword plaque to display your prized sword. Finally we have sword care products or maintenance products. Sword care products consists of kits, waxes, oils and polishes to keep your sword in great condition and that will make it last for years to come.

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