LARP Props

Sometimes, you need more than just weapons and armor when LARPing. And for those occasions, We have a selection of LARP Props, ranging from macabre battle trophies to curious little animals to full-sized creature props, all to suit your LARP Prop needs. Here, you’ll find all manner of items that could find their way onto a battlefield or into a Live Action Role Play that focuses just as much on character development as it does on raw combat. Whether a wizard is looking for a familiar or a warrior is looking for a companion, you can find them here in the form of a variety of prop animals. Or perhaps a warrior needs something more grisly and gruesome, like the severed head of a slain enemy. Well, you can find those, and other body parts, here too. Whether your LARP is horror themed or just a tad on the visceral side, you’ll find all manner of strange, impressive, and down-right awesome LARP Props that can be added to your next LARP adventure to make it really stand out and excel.


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