DIY Bow Making

Bow making enthusiasts will be sure to enjoy the range of bow building supplies that we carry here. We provide an assortment of individual bow parts and bow kits that new and experienced bow makers can transform into their own customized archery bows. Crafted from fine materials like hickory, Osage orange, bamboo, and ipe, these bow supplies include pieces such as bow staves, bow backing strips, riser blocks, and tip overlay blocks. Many of our traditional bow kits come with the pieces ready to glue, shape, and tiller into the perfect design fit for your hand. We also offer replacement bowstrings that are great to keep on hand in case of a string breaking. Once you have invested your time and energy crafting your personalized bow, make sure to protect it with one of our felt bow socks, which work great for preventing scratches and dings. Check out the range of archery supplies and bow making kits that we carry, and you will be sure to be inspired for your next DIY project!


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