The Legend of Zelda

Its dangerous to go alone! Take this. This is one of the most memorable and oft-quoted lines from a 1986 action adventure game that would go on to be the first in a long series of popular video games. The game in question is none other than The Legend of Zelda. The first of its series, this game is quite influential and helped to spawn a genre and a series that gamers have followed and loved for years. The original game told the story of Link, an unlikely yet courageous hero chosen to rescue the princess Zelda, who has been imprisoned by the nefarious Ganon. This story is the backbone of most Zelda games, yet each one also features their own twists, turns, and unique touches, ensuring that no matter which Link you play as, which Ganon you defeat, or which Zelda you save, each game in the series is a memorable one. We celebrate this game with a wide array of cool products, ranging from collectibles like sword reproductions and shield plaques to everyday apparel that sport graphics and art from the best loved of the Zelda games, including titles like Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, A Link to the Past, and more! We also offer a number of other smaller accents that are great for casual use. Celebrating your love of the Legend of Zelda has never been easier, so begin your journey here to make sure you have all a hero needs!


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