Lord of the Rings Jewelry

Jewelry is a surprisingly important aspect of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. After all, the whole series is based around one ring that possesses such immense power that it could condemn the world to darkness if it falls into the wrong hands. And here we offer a number of inspirations and recreations of the trilogys most famous pieces. Of course, the series is most famous for one piece of jewelry, and you can bet that we offer that. The One Ring is what gives the trilogy its name and its plot, and so we offer a few iterations of Isildurs Bane (aka the One Ring, aka Saurons Ring), allowing you to wear it on your finger in silver and gold, or wear it around your neck, just like Frodo did. We also offer many of the other rings of power, including those worn by Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel, (Narya, Vilya, and Nenya, respectively) and even the fabled dwarf lords, who used their rings to create vast treasure hordes. We have a few other accessories as well, including ornate key chains and key rings that are perfect if you want to keep a nice little Lord of the Rings collectible close at hand, and we even offer a brilliant replica of The Hobbits Arkenstone that would make a dwarf drool in envy if they ever caught sight of it (not to mention how it would captivate others, thanks to its brilliant, shimmering radiance). With your own One Ring, you can make yourself into a self-styled Lord of the Ring, and with any of our other great pieces of Lord of the Rings Jewelry, you can acquire a great collectible and accessory that you can not only show off to others in your home, but that you can also wear to show off its great look and style.


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