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The Nights Watch is not so much a noble family as a military order. These warriors man the Wall and are traditionally thought of as those who fight against the Wildlings in the North, although their true purpose is suspected to have been forgotten. Here, though, we honor this group and make it easy for fellow fans to find all of our Nights Watch gear. This section is home to any and all items from Game of Thrones and from A Song of Ice and Fire that belong to the Nights Watch. Weapons used by its members call this category home, as do any t-shirts, pint glasses, home decor pieces, or statues that feature members of the Nights Watch. Among the more popular items is a casual cotton tee that features the oath of the Nights Watch in full, for any to own and admire! Taking the Black is no easy decision. Luckily, though, you do not have to swear the oath to wear or own any of the Nights Watch items you will find here. Instead, you just have to visit and browse through our Shop for The Nights Watch section and see what you like!


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