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Ours is the fury. House Baratheon is of Storms End and one of the great houses in Westeros. They also had close ties to the Targaryen dynasty for some time, until the rebellion sparked a split between the Baratheons and the Targaryens. Here, we honor this young noble house, and in our Shop for House Baratheon section, allow its loyalists to easily find all Baratheon items that we carry. In the wake of Roberts Rebellion, as it came to be known, the Baratheons grew in power, especially with Robert Baratheon taking the throne. It is Robert as king, whose questionable rule sets the stage for much of A Song of Ice and Fires plot. Here we offer a number of great Baratheon items, ranging from cool shirts that feature the crowned black stag of the Baratheon crest, alongside pint glasses, shot glasses, and home decor pieces to bring some of the Baratheon style into your home. The black stag is a powerful figure, and in Westeros, it is a symbol that commands respect. Now, the black stag can be worn proudly and displayed openly by all who favor this noble house, just by taking a moment to grab a few items from our Shop for House Baratheon section.


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