Game of Thrones Statues & Collectibles

While the books and the HBO series may immortalize the story of A Song of Ice and Fire and A Game of Thrones in your heart and mind, you cannot be blamed for wanting an actual piece of Westeros to remember your favorite moments, characters, and places. And now we offer a number of great Game of Thrones statues and collectibles so that you can do just that – capture a physical piece of this vibrant fantasy world! Figurines of some of the common point-of-view characters from both the books and the HBO series call this category home, including the likes of Eddard Stark, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen, all rendered in stunning detail in the likeness of the actors and actresses who play them. All sorts of other collectibles can be found here too, ranging from little decor pieces like snow globes and miniatures, to larger items like collectible limited edition helmets, book ends, maps, and even a replica of the Iron Throne itself! There is quite a variety of items to be found here in this Game of Thrones statues and collectibles section, and all of them will definitely sate your hunger for good GoT merchandise. And luckily, we accept the gold price, not the iron price, and our prices are low enough to make any collector and enthusiast happy!

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